Hasta la Vista, Twitter



Hasta la Vista, Twitter


After some deliberation—honestly not a lot of it, as I’m just so fed up with social media—I’ve decided to kill my Twitter account. There are a few reasons why I’m doing so:

First, for me it’s a waste of time and creative energy. I get caught up in anger at the atrocities committed by our current so-called leaders and end up going down a rabbit hole that eats up many hours of my day. That would be fine if I believed I was actually improving the situation with my furious likes, retweets, and ever so clever bon mots. I’ve loved seeing what the Parkland students have done of late, and there are a few other powerful voices, but I’ve come to believe that Twitter is FOR ME only providing the illusion of activism. If I’m going to inspire likeminded individuals and change the hearts and minds of those who don’t see the damage being done to this country and the world, I’m more likely to do so through the stories I tell and the characters I create than through social media.

Next, I am appalled that Twitter continues to provide a safe space for Nazis and white supremacists.

Twitter supposedly has standards, but to me it looks like they only enforce the rules when it comes to people they aren’t afraid of. One orange shitgibbon can threaten nuclear war. A domestic terrorist organization can put out videos threatening everyone who dares to stand up against them, but since the terrorist organization is the NRA, Twitter is too damned afraid to shut them down.

Twitter supposedly has standards, but to me it looks like they only enforce the rules when it comes to people who lack influence. It appears to me that there’s a different, much looser set of rules for the rich and famous.

Then there’re the bot accounts— from the now quaint “Buy Followers Now” accounts to the Russian MAGAbot accounts that are helping to erode our democracy a bit more every day—Twitter just doesn’t seem to have the will or wherewithal to clean out. Oh, by the way, did you know the Russians are now adding bots that agree with liberal values to sow further discord into our society. Twitter and Facebook are the greatest tools of war the Russians have ever found.

On the business and personal side, Twitter has not struck me as the best place to put my marketing/promotional resources. I have thousands of followers but am pretty sure only around 20 are going to notice I’ve closed out—and only about half of those are going to care. Even though I’m probably going to kill my Facebook account—for many of the same reasons as my Twitter account—sometime later this year also, at least my page followers are there to interact with me. Communicating via Twitter is like shouting across a football field in the middle of the Super Bowl halftime show.

If you’re actually interested in what I’m up to, the best place to find out now is by signing up for my somewhat quarterly newsletter at https://jdhornauthor.com/newsletter-sign-up/ or (at least for now) slipping over to catch me on Facebook.