Other Writing


Southern Gothic Horror From 47North

As the Korean War ends, practical and well-mannered army nurse Corinne Ford returns stateside to live in the Mississippi town of Conroy with her new fiancé, Private First Class Elijah Dunne. She wonders if their love is strong enough to overshadow their differences, but upon her arrival to Elijah’s backwoods stomping grounds, she understands that culture shock is the least of her worries.

After four good ol’ boys are attacked in the night while seeking to terrorize a local black family, decades of buried secrets begin to rise. From Conroy’s most powerful citizen—known as “the Judge”—to the man Corinne intends to marry, no one is innocent. Yet the deepest secret of all involves the beautiful, cruel, and dead Miss Ruby. The former belle of Conroy, and Elijah’s lost love, is neither forgotten nor truly gone. But her death is only the beginning of a slow vengeance that won’t stop until its hunger is satisfied.



A Peculiar Paradise

A drug dealer finds himself stranded in an idyllic oasis with only his childhood pet and a grizzled stranger for company. What a bad man with a good dog might expect in the great hereafter. A short story by the author of the best-selling Witching Savannah series.

“A Peculiar Paradise” appeared originally as “Peculiar Paradise” in the inaugural issue of Unnerving Magazine, December 2016, Eddie Generous editor.

Pretty Enough to Catch Her

A beautiful widow. Rich. Unhinged. A scheming ex-con convinced he’s found his ticket to the good life. The sexy and dangerous young woman who stands between them. A Southern Gothic cat-and-mouse game where the line between predator and prey is redrawn with each turn of the cards. “Pretty Enough to Catch Her”—a short story from the author of the best-selling Witching Savannah series.

“Pretty Enough to Catch Her” appeared originally in The Mammoth Book of Southern Gothic Romance, published by Running Press, January 2015, Trisha Telep editor. 

One Bad Apple: A Short Story

Sixty years ago a boy was murdered. Now a suicide serves cold revenge when he uses extortion to force four childhood friends to attend his funeral. A paranormal mystery in the vein of Peter Straub’s “Ghost Story.”

“One Bad Apple” appeared originally in Dark Hallows II: Tales from the Witching Hour, published by Scarlet Galleon Publications, October 2016, Mark Parker editor.

Pitch: A Short Story

In this paranormal tale set in 1950s rural Georgia, a goat-faced boy sets out with a rifle to kill his father, the Devil. A short story by the author of the best-selling “Witching Savannah” series.

“Pitch” appeared originally in the Phantasma anthology, published by Jack Douglas Horn, September 2015, Roberta Trahan and Jack Douglas Horn editors.