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2017/2018 Appearances


Dragon Con – September 1-4, Atlanta, Georgia (http://www.dragoncon.org/)


10:00 p.m. A Delicate Balance: Darkness and Light in UF
It isn’t always easy to find humor when the fate of the world may be at stake, but our panelists will share how they lighten the serious aspects of their stories and worlds with humor.
Panelists: Patricia Briggs, Delilah S. Dawson, J.D. Horn, Chloe Neill, R.R. Virdi, Jeri Westerson,


10:00 p.m. Malevolent Magic
Often in urban fantasy, magic proves more detrimental than helpful. Our panelists discuss this aspect of their own magic systems, and the role it plays in their stories.
Panelists: Myke Cole, J.D. Horn, James A. Hunter, Kevin O. McLaughlin, Chloe Neill, Linda Robertson


1:00 p.m. The Daily Grind: Mundane Jobs and the UF Protagonist
Fighting supernatural threats doesn’t always pay the bills, so some characters have to also have regular, mundane jobs. Our panelists discuss how their protagonists balance the two aspects of their lives.
Panelists: David B. Coe, J.D. Horn, J.F. Lewis, Gail Z. Martin, Samantha Sommersby, Debbie Viguié

More Listings Coming Soon (Palm Springs, San Francisco, New Orleans)

J.D. has served as a panelist at  CONvergence, ThrillerFest, ConDFW,  Saints and Sinners, and New York Comic Con.